Sunday, February 13, 2011

My 1st Knitting Projects

My first knitting project was to make 3 scarves from merino wool. I had seen some scarves in Jerome, AZ. Jerome has many arts and crafts and unique shops. The scarves were very expensive, so at that moment I decided I could make my own. I bought my yarn in Jerome and asked the yarn shop owner how I could learn to knit. She told me to just go on line to You Tube and learn theGarter Stitch. She told me to cast on as wide as I wanted them, and then knit them as long as I wanted the scarfs to be.
The green one was made for my daughter, Alisha. The second was made for my granddaughter Hayleah
I forgot to give my daughter washing instructions, so she washed and dried as usual. As you can see, the washed one faded and shrunk. Hayleah's has not been washed or dried.
Hence, do a swatch, and give washing and drying instructions with gifts.
3rd scarf made for my second daughter Tiffany.
The edges are rough, but practice will improve this fault.

This is the third scarf made for my daughter Tiffany. It has not been washed or dried either.

All in all, I am very happy with the results of my first knit projects.
My granddaughter Hayleah with her scarf made by Nana.

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  1. Lindissimo e as cores então são maravilhosas, parabéns pelo seu trabalho.Bjos,Márcia.